Thursday, April 03, 2008

"This door was intended only for you. And now, I'm going to close it."

When you have an hour, listen to last week's episode of This Amerian Life, "The Audacity of Government." It's a good one. (Currently, it's on the show's front page. If it moves, just search for the title. You can stream it or download an MP3 file--though I think the free MP3 will only be up for a few more days.)

The concept of a unitary chief executive conjures up images of W. in a unitard.

Pardon me while I go have a drink. Or two.


fermicat said...

I keep missing This American Life without meaning to. Great program. I'll have to listen to this one and hope that is DOESN'T make me conjure up such a disturbing mental image (W in a unitard - Gawd!).

Jim Donahue said...

It's on the radio at an inconvenient time for me, so I subscribe to the podcast. So convenient!