Monday, July 30, 2012

Link dump, etc.

Sorry for lack of posting. Busy, busy, busy at work for the foreseeable future.

Odds and ends from my Facebook posts:

--A child judges books by their covers. Hilarity results.

--Paul McCartney has the hair of a much younger man. He should really return it.

--Headline of the day: Fla. Man Who Lost Hand Charged With Feeding Gator. The alligator has not been charged because of "stand your ground" laws.

--About 19 minutes into this episode of Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me, there's an interview with Norton Juster, author of my favorite childhood book, The Phantom Tollbooth. Which, like me, recently turned 50.

--About 26 minutes into this episode of This American Life, there's a piece on Journatic, which outsources the reporting of news. It is a very, very, very bad idea.

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