Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I guess it could be worse. It could be Fox News.

There's a widescreen, flat-panel TV in my employer's lobby. The receptionist has MSNBC on the entire workday, every day.

That much cable news sounds like some sort of diabolical mind-control experiment to me.


fermicat said...

If it weren't for HGTV and maybe a few shows on Discovery, my Mom would watch Fox News all day long. Thank God for HGTV. I am so glad that decorating and gardening trumps right wing propaganda at least part of the time.

MsYvone said...

it is Jim. It is. resistance is useless.

Sue said...

Every doctors office, and waiting room of any kind, these days has a television (or two) in it. And unfortunately all too many of them ARE tuned to Fox News. At least the TV at my Vet is tuned to the Animal Planet!