Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let's see. I'm writing a story or review about a movie called "Shark Tale."

What catchy phrase can I use that no one else will come up with? I've got it!!!

"You and your family will be hooked!" --Jeffrey Lyons, NBC

"By the first two minutes of the movie, I was hooked!" --Gene Shalit, NBC

Note: The makers of this movie are using the above two quotes right next to each other in ads!

"Good animated movies always seem to offer a little more under the surface than "Shark Tale" delivers. I wasn't hooked." --Summit Daily News

"So far, the movie has hooked in $87.7 million, according to studio." --People

"Shark Tale has hooked some of the hottest names in the music biz for its soundtrack." --USA Today

"""Shark Tale," Dreamworks SKG's animated fish comedy hooked the No. 1 spot..." --CBS Marketwatch

"But back to the movie that hooked the biggest audience by far this weekend. The opening of the PG-rated "Shark Tale" will be a feather in the cap of the studio's animation division..." --Hollywood Reporter

"Families are still hooked on Shark Tale." --Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Pic hooked $347,000 in the Philippines..." --Variety

"Released Down Under before its domestic launch this Friday, "Shark Tale" hooked $2.4 million on 273 in Australia..." --Variety

"The animated fish story, which features a Who's Who of celebrity voices, hooked the No. 1 spot..." --New York Post

"For Robert De Niro, it was Katzenberg and his team that hooked him." --The Times of London

"Hooked on animation..." --Winnipeg Sun

"The creators of 'Shark Tale' hooked a whole school of big-name celebs to bring movie's finned folks to life." --Chicago Sun Times (Red Streak)

"In fact, from the opening sequence of a worm being cast into the ocean, I was hooked (pun most likely intended)." --The Citizen

"Why these actors are hooked on their animated 'Shark Tale' characters." --San Bernardino Sun

"Shark Tale has a story line that's sure to have you hooked." --City News Ohio


Grammarian said...

"It's the 'feel-hooked' movie of the year!"
--Ishmael T. Worthington, Esq.

Anonymous said...

--Ishmael T. Worthington, Esq.
Get back to your room!

Annie said...

Well, Google seems to have served you well on the "hooked" front, anyway. -- TJ Hooker

Love the name of your blog. -- Mel Torme

Ron Southern said...

People Magazine apparently doesn't even know the propere use of the word "hooked". If they so much as had a legitimate high school diploma, they could do better. As it is, their ignorance is in competition with their lack of originality.