Monday, November 22, 2004

And while we're at it, Happy Easter

My neighbors, who put up the Giant Inflatable Turkey the day after Halloween (the Giant Inflatable Witch and Giant Inflatable Ghosts went up sometime around Oct. 1), took down the turkey on Nov. 17 and transformed the yard into a veritable Winter Wonderland: Santa riding a bike (um, why?), reindeer, elves, giant (uninflatable) snowflakes, and approximately 500,000 tiny light bulbs.

Poor Giant Inflatable Turkey. It must really hurt to not even make it to your intended holiday.


Gina said...

You may or may not be Italian-American, but your neighborhood has to be. While there are copius deocorations sprinkled throughout our Mid-Hudson Valley area, nothing compares to parts of Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. Households are refinanced for inflatable items to fill the small plot of land in front of the dismal, red brick building that they call "home".

There's a sagging inflatable pumpkin still hanging on at the end of our road. I am impressed!

Jim Donahue said...

Many years ago, my old landlords and went all-out with holiday decorations. Remember that REALLY harsh Northeast winter we had eight or nine years ago? The oversized candy canes, Santas, etc., actually became frozen solid into the ground--my landlords couldn't pull them out till spring! I used to cringe every time I arrived home.

Peter said...

Rosemont, Illinois embodies Xmas decoration hell for me. They have this cheesy fake waterfall at this one busy intersection. I don't know about this year, but on previous years they have put up this big 20 or 30-feet high dome with a giant snowman in it. Here is the best part though: there is all this fake snow inside, that is supposed to be blown up in the air by this hydraulic blower inside the dome. But something went wrong: bad engineering, mechanical malfunction, I don't know what. Instead of a big blizzard, the fake snow is all settled in the bottom of the dome, and these pitiful little blasts of air fitfully blow small poofs of fake snow up in the air about three or four feet. Rather than fixing it, or, say, taking out all the fake snow and being content with a giant snowman inside a see-through dome, Rosemont puts this pathetic thing out year after year and turns on the malfunctioning hydraulics - I guess they spent taxpayer money on it, and figure they better use it, whether it works or not.

If you are ever flying into O'Hare airport, keep an eye open you might see it. It is near the god-awful water tower Rosemont painted to look (unconvcingly, obviously) like a Rose.

MsYvone said...

To comment on O'Hare's Rose Water tank, posted by Peter... A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet... unlike the giant peach water tank, that actually looks like a giant butt, right outside of Gaffney, SC.