Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Worst New Year's Eve ever

Dec. 31, 1990. I celebrated by staying home and defrosting the freezer.

In general, New Year's Eve sucks. It is, I maintain, the most overrated holiday of the year.

If you're curious, the most underrated holiday is St. Swithin's Day, mostly because 1) it's fun to say (really--try saying "Me? I'll be celebrating St. Swithin's Day in Southampton--how about you?" out loud), and 2) it sounds made up. (A close runner-up would be Setsubun, in Japan. Any holiday that involves hurling beans indoors is all right in my book.)

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Jovianne said...

My Worst?
(not that you asked {grin} )
Not sure of the actual year, but was a pre-teen and was supposed to be at a slumber party.
INSTEAD..... got snowed in at the Pittsburgh Airport on the way home from Christmas in Michigan.
Spent that NewYears watching the Brady Bunch Special at a hotel with my baby brother.
After that, all NewYears seemed to blur together.
Think about it.
Baby brother.
Brady Bunch.
Can't get much worse than that.

Whatever you may choose to do this year, simply enjoy, be safe and make sure you laugh.