Monday, January 10, 2005

Remember that scene in The Pink Panther...

... in which David Niven skis down the Alps with his dick out?

Funny, I don't either.

From a New York Times book review of a new biography of actor David Niven:

The subject's own memoirs aren't particularly reliable; he was, as [biographer Graham] Lord puts it nicely, a "delightfully engaging fantasist and fibber." Lord struggles to put the record straight, although there is still room for scholarly debate. One example: While Niven was in the Italian Alps filming a skiing sequence for "The Pink Panther" in subzero weather, his penis became frostbitten. He was advised to soak it in alcohol as a first-aid treatment, and, quickly returning to his hotel, went to the bar, asked for a brandy glass full of whiskey and took it to the men's room. Question: When another patron walked in, saw Niven with his penis in a snifter and gasped, "What are you doing?" did the actor quip that he was urinating "in a brandy glass. I always do" (Niven's account in [his memoir] "The Moon's a Balloon") or "I always give it a drink now and then" (Lord's account, based on an interview with Robert Wagner)?

Stars back then were so much classier!

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