Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February has been canceled

Face it--you hate February. It's cold, gray, and dreary. And although it's usually just 28 days long, it feels like 38.

So I've gone ahead and canceled the entire month. Don't ask how, and don't bother to thank me.

Just go ahead and rip February off your calendar and go directly to March.

UPDATE: Well, I've been informed by the U.S. Office of Calendaring that canceling a month is highly illegal and that I really should have asked for permission first. Who knew? I guess I should have asked the children. I suggested adding days to July and August to make up for February's disappearance, but no, they wouldn't go for it. Sorry. So, fish that miserable month out of the trash and put it back up.

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Peruby said...

If only! I often feel that way about January. I think it really is 38 days long.