Thursday, February 03, 2005

"There's no party without pork rinds!"

Fried porky goodness

That's the slogan on the bag of pork rinds I was surprised to find in my company's vending machine today. If true, I guess I've never been to a party.

There's something about the word "rind" that's very offputting when combined with the word "pork." "Rind" just seems to go better with words like "orange" or "lemon."

I'm both physically repulsed and oddly intrigued.

Update: In response to a request for a close-up:

Fried porky goodness

They look sort of innocuous, don't they?

But remember this: They're the favorite snack of the Bush family.

You can tell a lot about people by the snack food they eat.


Gina said...

I request a close-up of Porkie. The image looks awfully "wrong".

Grammarian said...

I eat deep-fried chocolate-covered espresso beans with melted cheese. What can you tell about me?

Jim Donahue said...