Sunday, February 13, 2005

Oscar Countdown: Part Trois

Today's Oscar hopefuls, Best Actor nominee Jamie Foxx and Best Director Taylor Hackford, are both in the running for:



Hmmm. Haven't caught up with this one yet, either. But I have to say it seems odd to base a film on a TV sitcom that's still on the air--don't they usually wait a few years?--and to use someone other than its namesake star. But you've got to give the producers kudos for its successful, nontraditional casting.

See you at the concession stand!TM

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Ron Southern said...

I see that you, like me, have decided it's okay to remain plumb ignorant about a series where we're supposed to want to tongue-kiss someone as stupid as Ray Romano (it even makes me mad that I know his fucking name!) and his selfish, moronic TV family. These chuckleheads are not funny. They don't "tickle" anything except my urge to destroy all of television. I've never watched more of it than I encountered in channel-surfing past it, but I can recognize crap at a glance. Why are people so pleased about turning out so much Lowest Common Denominator crap and about rewarding it as if it was Art? Gaaa!