Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Benevolent dictatorship

New rules for comments (which have been turned back on):

1) Any comments I don't like will be deleted.

2) I can be persuaded to like a comment by gifts of premium dark chocolate.

3) Any comments that contain phrases that search engines will pick up and attract visitors looking for unsavory or illegal materials will be deleted.

4) Not even the bestest best chocolate in the world will budge me on that one.

5) Comments that contain horrible spelling or grammar errors will be mocked. Comments that point out horrible spelling or grammar errors in my posts, however, will be deleted.

6) War is peace; freedom is slavery; questions are a burden to others, answers are a burden to oneself.

7) If comments are beating a topic to death or become overly personal, they will be turned off and/or deleted.

8) How the hell did that guy running around the stadium in Lost last week end up in that bunker? Was that really Walt, or was the blonde chick hallucinating?

9) Comments including the word BWAAAAAA! will be mocked or deleted at the Benevolent Dictator's discretion.

10) Complaints? Stuff 'em.

11) Problems? Alert FEMA.


fanatic cook said...

I thought you were having a spam problem with comments. I have another blog that uses Blogger comments and right after I make a post, I get 4 or 5 comments that are ads. Ugh.

I will try in the future not to comment with a quote from our president, since some may consider that unsavory :)

Jay Jordan said...

i promise not to mock anyone's sexuality as this will be deleted and get me banned and, hopefully, spanked...

besides, some of my best friends, and at least one cousin, are gay...

Mark H said...

eye think thsi are a gud policee.

MsYvone said...

As for Desmond, the stadium runner on lost, perhaps he got sucked into Stephen Hawkings Brief History of Time and was transported to the early 1980's and into a really stuffy bunker filled with compaq computers and horridly bad music. Maybe thats what the French Lady hears "whispering" to her in the woods, that really bland music eminating from his air vents. Where does he go to get more Laundry Liquid? Was he calculating how much laundry liquid and Bad LP's he'd need on his race around the world to a Hatch on a desert island whilst running steps and tending to Doctors possibly sprained ankles? What's with the before-flight-Martini-drinking girl in the pit in next weeks preview?

Bored Pregnant women want to know.

Jim Donahue said...

Ms Yvone: Hey, I like the Mamas and the Papas!

NYPinTA said...

Walt can astral project! You didn't know that?