Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why I will never buy a Ford; also, reduced blogging schedule ahead

The story of [Henry] Ford's rise is indeed exhilarating. The rest, perhaps inevitably, is a letdown. An inspired and playful innovator -- he once hot-wired a urinal in the company's early days to give a user an unexpected shock -- becomes a tiresome crank. --The New York Times

Speaking as guy who wants to maintain all his workng parts in order, where's the inspired, playful part?

The magazine where I work is putting out a special issue soon, which means that for the next two weeks I'll barely have time to pee--in a hot-wired urinal or not--or update TVB.

Back after Sept. 19.


Jay Jordan said...

boy that Playmate of the Year issue just can't get here quick enough!

Jim Donahue said...

Sorry to disappoint, Jay, but I work for a business-technology mag. You really don't want to see most of these people nekkid. Really.