Tuesday, October 09, 2007

News Story of the Day

Via The Associated Press:
Man jailed for trying to pass $1M bill

PITTSBURGH - Change for a million? That's what a man was seeking Saturday when he handed a $1 million bill to a cashier at a Pittsburgh supermarket. But when the Giant Eagle employee refused and a manager confiscated the bogus bill, the man flew into a rage, police said.

Jerk. I bet he just bought a pack of Doublemint, too. If he had tried to buy, say, a house, he probably would have gotten away with it. Be realistic, people!
The man slammed an electronic funds-transfer machine into the counter and reached for a scanner gun, police said.

Not the scanner gun! Everyone, down on the floor--he's got a scanner gun!!
Police arrested the man, who was not carrying identification and has refused to give his name to authorities. He is being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

Hey, has anyone seen Karl Rove lately?
Since 1969, the $100 bill is the largest note in circulation.

I did not know that.
Police believe the $1 million note seized at the supermarket may have originated at a Dallas-based ministry. Last year, the ministry distributed thousands of religious pamphlets with a picture of President Grover Cleveland on a $1 million bill.

That probably should have been a tip-off. I don't think Grover Cleveland would be on the $1 million bill.

But I'm open to suggestions on who should be.


MsYvone said...

my vote? Steve Colbert.

MsYvone said...

oh, and Giant Eagle is pronounced, "Jine Iggle." just a side note.

Gina said...

I'd say it's more like gy'nt iggle. Hailing from The Burgh, I know the accent all too well, which makes me wish I could see the local newscast of this story. Jim, here's a chance to practice the local lingo should you ever find yourself in the fair city of my birth: http://www.pittsburghese.com/

MsYvone said...

You're right Gina, I couldn't for the life of me come up with a way to spell it... so I referred to Pittsburghese.com. They're running the story on CNN, though I have the sound off ~ not hearing that lilting accent. sad.

punkinsmom said...

James Buchanan? How about that hottie Franklin Pierce?

We call it The Giant here in my neck of the woods, as in "I'm going to the giant; do you need anything?"

fermicat said...

Sheds new light on the term "dirty money".