Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guess how much the plumber charged to thaw one frozen pipe

Go ahead--guess.


Dave said...

OK. 2 hours travel time, an hour and a half there, mileage. Just under five? Wait, I didn't figure in weekend rates.

Jim Donahue said...


No charge for travel time.

Took about an hour and a quarter.

Just one section of pipe (hot water in kitchen was only place affected).

Did not charge me for removing a lil' bit o' drywall under the sink for better access to pipe, though he should have, according to company.

Under $500? Hahahahaha. Keep guessing.

Dave said...

OK, here's some insurance advice, depending on your deductible, if there was a drip from the pipe, the cost to get to it and cover it up is available from your carrier as an "accidental discharge." The cost of the repair to the pipe itself isn't covered; but, with creative billing, all the rest is.

And, I've always said I want to be a plumber.

TwoBusy said...

I'll go with $750... $175/hour, double-time for Sundays, and no fractional hours.

What do I win?

Jim Donahue said...

Close: $711.

Your prize? The knowledge that you're good at estimating plumber bills.