Thursday, January 08, 2009

First dibs on that shank bone

I was shopping for dog food last night and noticed something rather surprising. Evanger's dog food is kosher. Seriously--it says so right on the label.

The company's Web site contains this helpful info:
The Chicago Rabbinical Council has approved the food Evanger's has created, a pet food that is not only great for everyday, but suitable for all holidays, including Passover. Evanger's pet foods are not Kosher for human consumption.

Well, that last bit is kind of a relief.

I didn't buy it, as Freddie is Unitarian. But my new goal for 2009 is to be invited to a dog bar mitzvah.

Does the Pope have wafers for Catholic dogs? Are there flea-dip dunkings for Baptist pups? How many bitches may a Mormon dog keep these days? This opens up so many questions!

There were rumors that Tom Cruise offered canine e-meter readings on the set of Valkyrie, which I discounted at the time.

Now I'm not so sure.


Craven said...

I've heard Kosher dogs are very popular at Yankee Stadium.

fermicat said...

Do these kosher dogs have to be circumcised?

Doug said...

The tricky part is getting Fido to read cantillation marks.

"No, no, Sparky! It's AROooo-OOO, not Aroo-ooo-ooo!"

punkinsmom said...

It has been a very long time that a blog post has actually made me LOL for real. You got me at "Freddie is Unitarian."
Thank you.

Jay Jordan said...

my dog is agnostic....

he bites everybody...