Friday, April 24, 2009

Recent Google searches that stranded visitors on The Velvet Blog, with commentary

pros und cons für kitesurfen
Kites are fun.

characteristics of joan rivers
Plasticy. Botoxy. Ear-hurtingy.

dead jellyfish touch yes or no?
Do not touch the jellyfish.

how tall are the baldwin brothers
How tall do you want them to be?

estoy con estupido tshirt
No, mi estoy con estupido.

i miss you danananana i need you
You had me at "danananana."

how much do a pound of banana weigh?
Someone else want to take this one?


Mark said...

That last one's a trick question. What size bananas are we talking about? Organic or standard? Ripe? Unripe?

Oh, i miss you bananananananana.

punkinsmom said...

Plus is a pound of bananas heavier than a pound of feathers? Those web-surfers are tricky.

The Sizzler! said...


and do not touch the jellyfish :)