Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The one in which The Velvet Blog goes through its keyword searches in order to address reader concerns

comeback for would you like fries with that shake
"Yes, thank you."

burt reynolds bald
Burt Reynolds also plastic surgery.

toe head
I had to wear an orthopedic hat until junior high.

baby moneys
Who's the cutest money? Who's the cutest money? You are!!!

titles with the word squirrel
Give it a few weeks and Mega-Shark Vs. Octo-Squirrel seems inevitable for SyFy's Saturday night spot.

billy jack dog food
"It's the kind Billy Jack eats!" OK, now it's my turn: "'No anchovies'? You've got the wrong man. I spell my name: 'Danger'!"

muller vitality yoghurt make you poo
Please don't tell the Activia people.

vulcan tuna melt
Can I get that with Swiss on whole wheat?

income tax joke
"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "The IRS." "The IRS who?" "Um, Mr. Snipes, you haven't paid your income tax in 10 years, and you'll have to come with us." "That's not funny." "Sir, seriously, you're under arrest."


Grammarian@mindspring.com said...

Remember: Benjamin Franklin was the only President of the United States who was never President of the United States.

Jim Donahue said...

Is this your bar of soap?

Knatolee said...

I think the yogurt is my fav!

"prickly cucumber" is the #1 search phrase bring people to MY blog!