Monday, October 24, 2011

Camping, out

Well, I thought I was Raptured, but it turned out I merely had too many Raptures.

So, what's the fallout from the latest nonevent? From the (really quite lousy, and I can't figure out why it seems to do so well in Google rankings) International Business Times:
"The Bible says that if someone makes a prophecy that doesn't come true he is to be considered a false prophet and stoned to death," Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of Dallas First Baptist Church, told The Christian Post. "Harold Camping has made at least three false prophecies about the day of the Rapture. And so, if he's not going to be stoned to death, he at least needs to be muzzled."

Is it just me, or do you sense some rather great ambivalence in that final "if"?
Family Radio has been broadcasting a message to supporters on Saturday, a day after Camping's third prediction, encouraging them to keep making donations.

Or, to save time, just set your cash on fire.

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