Monday, April 02, 2007

Depends which side you're on

I was flipping channels while eating lunch and noticed that Fox News was referring in the bottom-of-the-screen crawl to the "so-called confessions" of the British sailors captured by Iran.

Interesting that the U.S. uses, um, "coercive techniques" and gets valuable information while Iran does likewise and gets "so-called confessions."


Dave said...

As the British would say, spot on observation.

I'm sure David Hicks meant everything he admitted to gain his plea bargain in Guantanamo last week.

fermicat said...

I'm sure the Faux News management team sees no contradiction here.

Peter said...

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting take on David Hicks here. (I know Sully is anathema to some people; set that aside and read this.)

Jim Donahue said...


Yeah, my feelings on Sullivan are, to say the least, mixed. But that was very interesting.