Thursday, July 05, 2007

Goodbye, Chani. You're dead to me now.

First, the doors were closed unexpectedly. I went by Chani's, my favorite local Indian restaurant, and it was locked. There was some official-looking note about a permit change on the door, and I figured the place was getting a renovation. The answering-machine message was vague, saying something about being closed for a few weeks.

Now the phone's disconnected, the back patio is gone, and there's a truck (teasingly labeled Top Chef) parked outside to haul off the kitchen equipment.

It's closed. Closed! Where am I supposed to go when I want samosas? Chicken tikka masala? Lamb vindaloo?

Oh, the lack of such great food is bad enough, but sneaking off in the night like that ... I feel so spurned.


TwoBusy said...

That just sucks. The same thing happened to the prime Thai place near my job. One day, it was open and everything was sweetness and light. The next... doors locked, lights out, no explanations. A year and a half later, we still speak in reverent tones about how good we had it...

fermicat said...

Oh, the horror!

I hope that never happens to Bombay Grill. And this reminds me... I'm overdue for my vindaloo fix.

Dave said...

I feel for you but without reference. The only Indian restaurant I've ever been to served Tandoori chicken. Not bad, but I had the feeling I was experiencing something of the Indian equivalent of TGIFridays.

I'm going to Google Bombay Grill in Atlanta and find out what the fuss is about.

blogone said...

There are some fine Indian restaurants in my area. However the food always leaves me bloated. Why I tell you this I don't know.

MsYvone said...

I'm gonna have to google Bombay Grill as well. I do hope this never happens to Little Bangkok on Cheshire Bridge. That place is a Thai temple for me.

Dave said...

Ah, Cheshire Bridge, the schizophrenic culinary capital of Atlanta.

Alfredos or Ninos? Alfredos hasn't an Italian in the building unless it's a customer. The owner is a Cuban refugee. The head chef is Vietnamese.

Red Snapper or Taverna Plaka, kind of next door?

Happy Hermans for all things, kind of deli and great wine.

The gayish Mexican restaurant next to NAPA Auto Parts.

The Colonnade, the bar-none best people watching dining experience in Atlanta: old gay guys with their boy toys, blue haired Morningside ladies, yuppies, buppies, the list goes on. Topped by the waiters and waitresses that know what you want and call you sweetie.

Nakato, not the best Japanese in town, but up there.

Rhodes Bakery, the best until about mid morning when they run out of the good stuff.

I'm trying to figure out where Little Bankok is, I'm thinking towards the nominally north end? Across the street from the 24K and Opus, in the same building, the first a strip club and the second a gay bar?

One more mention, just off of Cheshire Bridge, going south, take a left at Piedmont and in the first strip mall on the left you will find the Pot 'n Pan. Breakfast and lunch. Weekdays blue collar. Weekends, you may find yourself the only heterosexual in the place except for the Korean owners cooking up classic American diner breakfast.

Jim, sorry to take over your comments, come to Atlanta and I'll give you a tour.

fermicat said...

Went to Bombay Grill tonight. Still open! Still good! Samosas, chicken 65, reshmi kabob, and lamb vindaloo. Oh, and nan. Gotta have nan.

God Is My Codependent said...

Oh, yeah. The nan is the whole deal.