Friday, May 08, 2009

Why the Google ads are gone

Ugh -- I got a huge ad for a defense of (straight) marriage group, with photos of its titular spokeswoman, the beauty queen (whatever her name is), and Perez Hilton.

I don't need Google's pennies that badly.

Consider this a failed experiment.


ChefNick said...

Huh? F%%k Google and the various horses they rode in on.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

I have to say, I was always amused by what Google thought was related content for ads on the site. I'm almost sorry to see them go.

Qaro said...

Good for you! Stand up to the Robot overlords!

Computers are never going to rule the world if they can't understand concepts like humor. No common sense, no finesse. And it's particularly ironic that they should be promoting opinions on marriage. They couldn't possibly understand love, let alone take positions on it.

Wendy said...

I often find their ads really amusing and actually go look to see if they have juxtaposed themselves in strange and unusual ways.

I can see, however, if they are advertising something that is offensive how it will get on ones nerves.

The other day I went to a site where they were advertising something related to child-molester priests and was quite alarmed. THAT was really strange.