Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things I learned from the descriptions in a book devoted exclusively to bean recipes

These unusual pancakes have a surprisingly good flavor.

This Athenian treatment produces a meal worthy of the Gods.

Pastisio, a mass of steaming noodles covered with a golden brown topping, is as attractive in taste as in appearance.

This famous Greek casserole, usually made with meat, is equally appetizing with beans. It is especially nice for buffets.

The addition of beans makes this quiche more satisfying than most.

Lentil balls are unlike meatballs, but they are delicious with this tomato sauce.

I like to serve this attractive entree at lunch, but it is enjoyed at dinner, too.

Beanburgers are delicious, satisfying, and easy to prepare. You will want to have them often.

A piquant sauce gives the lentils a special flavor.

This high-protein, eggless [tofu] mayonnaise is simple to prepare and has few calories.

These easy-to-prepare beans are designed especially for breakfast, but are excellent for lunch, brunch, or supper. They are best served on buttered toast.

In North Carolina, the "Tar Heel" state, this dish, with its piquant flavor, is very popular at church suppers. It is, however, enjoyed anytime.

This takes some time to prepare. The results are well worth it.

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ChefNick said...

I swear, food writing can sometimes be so bizarre, because how many ways can you say the same thing?

"This takes some time to prepare. The results are well worth it."

Well, duuuuh! If it took some time to prepare and the the results WEREN'T worth it . . . uh . . . get my drift?