Wednesday, July 01, 2009

One of my favorites, too

Kinda busy. Here, watch this video of Harry Nilsson singing "Mr. Richland's Favorite Song."

A knockout, yes?


Qaro said...

I loved it.

Jim Donahue said...

It's from his first album. And as much as I love the original, this version for a BBC special is better. Only available on bootleg, alas.

God Is My Codependent said...

For balance, there are a couple of clips of Son of Dracula on Youtube you could link to.

[And isn't MRFS from his second album (or third if you count his non-major-label debut)?]

Jim Donahue said...

Re: "Son of Dracula": If I ever want to put people to sleep, I will do that.

Re: "Mr. Richland": Oops. As usual, God is correct. It's from "Aerial Ballet," not "Pandemonium Shadow Show." (And I'm deliberately not counting the non-major-label thingee. Let's call that his pre-debut.)