Monday, August 10, 2009

Note to ADT

OK, someone finally called.

I actually find it a bit creepy that companies monitor blogs and Twitter, looking for complaints. But on the off chance that ADT might do this ...

Hey, listen up, ADT. Two weeks ago, I signed a contract to upgrade my current alarm system. The salesman said I'd hear back that week about an appointment for installation. No call.

I called and left messages Monday and Wednesday of last week. No call back.

Here it is, ADT, two weeks later, and I'm staring at a contract that you obviously don't give a crap about.

So, ADT, I have one word for you: Slomin's.

I mean, you do realize yours is not the only alarm company, right?

1 comment: said...

They're not gonna find it if you don't use the word "sucks".