Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Mole Day

So psyched to find out that today is Mole Day! Who among us doesn't love that deep, dark, velvety chocolate sauce, the secret weapon of fine Mexican cooks? Yum!

What, not that mole?

Oh, well, who among us doesn't love the sweet little vermin that burrows under our front lawns, making them all bumpy? Adorable!

Not that mole, either?

Hmmm. You mean, there's a holiday celebrating Cindy Crawford's beauty mark?


Well, then I guess there's a holiday derived from the Avogadro constant, defining the number of particles in a mole, one of the seven base SI units? Seriously?

Well, fine, but now I'm in the mood for mole sauce on an avocado, served by supermodel being chased by vermin. I'm funny that way.

UPDATE: Mole Day activities! (Wait ... why won't he return my mole? That's so unfair.)

1 comment:

Qaro said...

Aw, I missed it! I was vegging out a bit and not keeping up with my buds!