Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, that's one way of dealing with the problem

I'm surprised the conspiracy theorists aren't grabbing this and running with it. You know those FEMA camps we're told don't exist? They do -- and they're being used for the extermination of children with swine flu! Really! It was in The New York Times! Buried on an inside page! First, pigs were discovered with swine flu at the Minnesota State Fair. Then it was theorized they caught it from 4-H kids. Then ... well, it's just too horrible to contemplate:
A veterinarian for the Minnesota State Fair, Dr. Tom Hagerty, was traveling on the East Coast late Friday and said he had not heard of the test findings. Dr. Hagerty sounded surprised at the news but not alarmed, because most of the pigs, or perhaps all, that were at the state fair at the same time as a group of 4-H children who became ill were to be sent to the slaughterhouse shortly afterward. --The New York Times

If they were turned into bacon, I hope the children were at least free-range.

Yes, The Velvet Blog has returned from vacation. Shall I bore you with vacation photos? There are sheep, goats, and dogs involved. Not, as far as I am aware, pigs or 4-H kids being led away to be aged in a smokehouse.


ChefNick said...

4-H children, even if free-range, are never as tasty as 8-H children, who are also organic.

The locavore in me knows this, and you should be informed.

Knatolee said...

Please, I love goats (not in a carnal way.) Pictures!!! DOgs are awesome as well.

And keep Chef Nick away from the kid-bacon. He needs to watch his cholesterol.