Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Something to be thankful for

You know, I can be a bit of a brooder. A Gloomy Gus. A picklepuss.

But then I see all the headlines about the Food Network's Paula Deen being hit in the face by a ham, and suddenly the sun comes out, at least metaphorically. It's even difficult for me to pick a favorite. "Chef Paula Deen Accidentally Hit by Charity Ham"? "Paula Deen's Hamtastrophy"? "Swine Flew: Paula Deen Struck By Errant Ham"? Don't make me choose, people.

Thank you, God. And thank you, ham.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! (Except for those of you in Canada. You had your shot last month--don't be greedy.)


Knatolee said...

You know, I was going to say something all lovey-dovey about how no, you're not a picklepuss, you're not a gloomy Gus, nononononono, not true.

But then you said I can't steal your Thanksgiving, and that just hurts.

Ya meanie! I hope you enjoy your TURKEY,sniffle, sniffle. I'll be here eating my LEFTOVERS. Sniff, sniff. My crappy, crappy leftovers with not a hint of gravy or stuffing or sweet potato soufflé, nary a pie in sight.

BTW, I rather like "Hamtastrophy". And all kiddin' aside, I hope you have a great T-Day. Don't choke on the wishbone!

PS: I think you need some sort of sock monkey post to cheer yourself up. I think I'll go have Guinness to put a smile on my face...

Jim Donahue said...

I'm sorry, I REALLY need to put my foot down on this one. You get one Thanksgiving. One.

(Got any extra Guinness? It may cheer me up a little.)

Knatolee said...

Meanie! ANd I drank all the Guinness! (Wait, that makes me a meanie.) Okay, if you're ever in town or nearby, I owe you a foamy brown one. (Beer, I mean a beer.)