Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still waiting for the future

The vision of the future on these 1939 World's Fair postcards is much more interesting than our dreary reality. What the heck went wrong?

As usual, click to embiggen.

World's Fair Station
May 25, 1939
9:30 PM

Mrs. C. Morbus
1038 Jackson Ave.

2nd time here thought I would run in to you like our cemetary [?] place is too big for me to get around have book of 20 admissions so can come often

Mrs. Mackey
Tina Schulenberg

Sounds like our correspondent may have had a fondness for amphetamines.


punkinsmom said...


Jim Donahue said...

I hadn't thought of that, but I think you may be right.

Knatolee said...

Something is awry with the good lady's brain cells! But I love the postcards.

Will said...

What dark secret do you carry, Mrs. Mackey? Were you traumatized in 5th grade English class, made to use a period at the end of every sentence? Is that what made you vow to destroy all order and clarity in sentence structure? Is it? Is it?