Sunday, November 29, 2009

And you can quote me on that

Wow. You know, it's difficult to live your life in public the way I do--constantly being followed by spotlights and paparazzi and police dogs and ninjas.

But every once in a while, I stumble across some bit of information online that takes even a media-savvy person such as myself by surprise.

It turns out that an organization that calls itself Thinkexist has been collecting a list of quotations by me and posting them online without my permission! Let's take a look and try to place them in context, because without that, they simply don't make any sense:
"This is a better time of year to get a late-model car, ... and that will be reflected in the online price."

Hm. I can't exactly remember saying this, but I'm going to guess it's when I was interviewed by Vroooom!: The Cheapskate Late-Model Car Enthusiast With Internet Access, which, in all honesty, has a very limited circulation.
"It's very popular with the people who use it."

Odd, I don't remember saying this, either. Given the fact the The Velvet Blog currently holds the No. 1 Google ranking for the phrase "yogurt poop," I'm going to guess this quotation had something to do with Activia customers.
"More than 95 percent of MBNA customers always pay more than the minimum every month. Of those who do pay the minimum, very few do so for more than two months in a row."

Oh, that one I dimly remember--I was going through Benadryl withdrawal. Damned allergies.

Well, I see the ninjas are outside on the lawn again. Pardon me while I go spray them with the garden hose.


Knatolee said...

"Well, I see the ninjas are outside on the lawn again. Pardon me while I go spray them with the garden hose."

Now THERE'S a quote I can use!

fermicat said...

Maybe they omitted the "Now give me that banana" part of those quotes?

Jim Donahue said...

That would make almost too much sense.