Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Velvet Blog's prediction of what will be in the food baskets for contestants in the next episode of the Food Network's Chopped competition

Appetizer course: Organic greens; durian; TV Guide's Fall Preview issue; seat cushions for my patio furniture; black salt

Main course: Holographic image of a salami; green onions; something the cat dragged in; salmon roe; 1984 Yugo*

Dessert: Turbinado sugar; cement-entombed corpse of Jimmy Hoffa, dug up from Giant Stadium; chocolate shavings; quail eggs; chevre; the contents of Mario Batali's medicine cabinet

*Note: Must use whole car.


Grammarian@mindspring.com said...

Durians? Ew.

ChefNick said...

But which PART of Jimmy Hoffa would you serve with the chevre??????