Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dept. of corrections

Looking over the vast archives of this blog, I realized that I made a mistake back in this 2004 entry, entitled "Innovative idea for election reform":
Each state picks an official Election Monkey. All 50 Election Monkeys are locked in a room with jumbo-size photos of the candidates. Winner is the candidate whose photo has the least poop thrown at it after a set time period (say, one hour).

First of all, we should have the actual candidates--not photos--in the room with the monkeys. And, second, the winner is the candidate who has the most poop thrown at him or her.

The Velvet Blog regrets the error.


Dave said...

Do the sock monkeys clean up afterward?

Lorna said...

Had Massachusetts not sent monkey boy Scott Brown to the Senate, I would mock you New Yorkers for taking Carl Paladino seriously as a candidate. But we did, so I won't.

ChefNick said...

Hmm. you piqued my interest briefly when I thought you had said "Electron Reform," but when I saw it was about elections my pique went away.

There could be Electron Monkeys. Ever thought of that?

Jim Donahue said...

"Electron Monkeys" would make a good band name.

ChefNick said...

I think just about any name with "Monkey" in it -- think of the combinations "Four out of five chimps," "Monkey Elites" etc. -- would be a great band name.