Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Link dump

Social networking is weird. (By the way, do you hate the term "social networking" as much as I do? 'Cause I really hate it a lot.) I still like blogging (except, of course, when I don't), but I find I have less and less patience to write the long-form posts that I used to do. Even the shorter posts I used to write that involved finding (aka "stealing") illustrations were more labor-intensive than they appeared. Meanwhile, on a certain level, I don't really like Facebook, but I throw links up there constantly. It's easy. But a lot of the stuff that I share there I don't even mention here because I don't particularly have much to say about it. (And don't get me started on Twitter.)

Since there are some of you who come here but who aren't on Facebook, I thought I'd share a few of those links here:

--Trump fails to produce original birth certificate. All together now: YOU'RE FIRED!

--The catchiest zombie song ever.

--Peanuts strips minus the fourth panel are even darker.

--"Citizen Kane" isn't on Blu-ray. "Birdemic" is. There's something wrong with that.

--Would someone make these chocolate mint brownies for me? Please?

Blogging will be very sporadic over the next few weeks.


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Knatolee said...

Wakey wakey! If you lived closer, I'd make you the brownies. And Donald Trump is an arse.