Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Postcard of the day

Jan 10, 1951

No more nickels. Gram's too far away now. Be a good boy for Mommie.


That reads like Raymond Carver's attempt at writing a very short story for the under-5 set.


ChefNick said...

Poor little Paul. I wonder if we could somehow track him down . . .

Jim Donahue said...

Actually, I think I got a bunch of cards addressed to him in a lot I bought off eBay. I'll have to go back and check to be sure, but I think he went into the service.

ChefNick said...

Hmm . . . that would be "the Meat Grinder" in his era. I don't think Little Paul came back.

I sent an authentic WWII Japanese flag covered in well-wishes to the Japanese consulate here to see if the relatives could be tracked down . . . unfortunately it was the day after the Great Earthquake.

But I'd love to meet the relatives.