Friday, April 15, 2011

Atlas flopped

As of this posting, Rotten Tomatoes reports that Atlas Shrugged has an approval rating of 6%. Not many reviews in yet, but the only one RT is counting as positive is in the Murdoch rag The New York Post--and when you read it, even that might properly be called "mixed."

(Previous thoughts on Atlas Shrugged here and here. A sock monkey's thoughts on Atlas Shrugged here.)

UPDATE: From alicublog, headlined "Unmitigated Galt":

[A]s much fun as it is to slag rotten movies, it is much better to be surprised by a good one, especially when you've reached the stage in life where two hours in front of a stinker sets you dreaming of the warm couch and leftover sesame chicken that you left back home. But it is my great regret to inform you that Atlas Shrugged: Part I is neither good nor good-bad, but bad-bad-bad-bad. I dreamed, not of sesame chicken, but of my own swift and merciful death, and that of the director, not necessarily in that order. It is not a pleasurable surprise, not a hoot, nor an outrage; it is Rand's granite crushed, reconstituted, and spread across the screen with steamrollers.

UPDATE UPDATE: Right-wing blogs try very, very hard to like the film.


Also, to be fair, it did earn $1.7ish million over the weekend. On 300 screens, that's not awful. But neither is it particularly impressive.

UPDATE TIMES FOUR: The producer of AS will be depriving us of the musical version of Part 3.

UPDATE TO INFINITY: Or, you know, not.

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