Friday, March 02, 2012

Link dump

Odds and ends I've linked to off my Facebook account, but not here:

Rather than link to the obvious Monkees tracks in honor of Davy Jones, I went with a deep track: Cuddly Toy. (Bonus: Songwriter Nilsson's demo for the band.

Now a couple of days late: Leap day postcards celebrating the idea the women could propose on that day.

Also a tad late, clips from notorious bomb The Oscar. Oh, my. (Bonus: SCTV's takeoff, The Nobel.)

Apes using iPads. Surely, a preview of the next Planet of the Apes movie.

Really, really bad way to become an Internet pitchman.

Very odd, Muppet-free Jim Henson TV show, "The Cube," which plays like an especially psychodelic Twilight Zone ep. And it aired in prime time on NBC. Really.

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