Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Handy Visual GuideTM for distinguishing among a fascist ass, a fashion victim, and a ... what the hell is a spork?

Image hosted by Bork

Image hosted by Bjork

Image hosted by Spork


Mark H said...

Have you seen "Dancer in the Dark"?
Wonderful movie.

Jim Donahue said...

It's on my to-see list, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Von Trier's "Breaking the Waves" left me blubbering in tears at the end--not many films have accomplished that. His "The Kingdom" series is really good, too--very eerie.

But I've seen some other films he's done that, honestly, bored the hell out of me.

Grammarian said...

There seems to be a trend of vending machines displaying the word "VEND" when you buy something from them. I find it unsettling.

trinamick said...

I hoarde the sporks whenever I go to KFC. Just in case we ever are stuck in a bomb shelter with no silverware...