Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Seriously, I think it's time to retire this cliche.

"I have said Congress spends money like a drunken sailor. But I never knew a sailor, drunk or sober, with the imagination of some of these people. I am certain the only way it will stop is when citizens rise up and demand it." --John McCain, per

The GOP's drunken-sailor act has gotten so bad that even Democrats, who used to figure no one could outspend them, have been making noises about fiscal restraint. --Las Vegas Review Journal

Johnson knew that raising taxes to pay for either would be the death knell for one or the other, or both. So he did the expedient thing: He spent like a drunken sailor and refused to pay for it. The government essentially printed money instead. Sound familiar? --Buffalo News

Bush is transferring unprecedented wealth to his mates by dumping the capital gains taxes on inheritance. Critics say this will cost the US economy more each day, every day, at a time when the strains on the budget are apocalyptic. Howard may throw our money around like a drunken sailor at election time, but only for pork barrelling in marginal electorates. --The Australian

House and his predecessors have always been responsible for writing the annual budgets, and have done so without an outside consultant. "Billy's answer to things is to spend money like a drunken sailor and you cannot do that," House said. --Times Herald-Record

We have a government that spends like a drunken sailor, misappropriates funds ... and is running its operations more inefficiently than at any time. --Canada Free Press

During budget meetings this summer, Gonot openly blasted Lother for spending $1.15 million on overtime in fiscal 2005. The rift deepened in August when Gonot accused the fire chief of spending like a "drunken sailor" when it came to overtime. --Sun Sentinel

"I can't tell you how many Republicans have come up to me and said 'I am off the reservation because of the fiscal policies of this administration, spending so much money like a drunken sailor,'" Nelson said. "All of these things are coming home to roost.." --San Francisco Chronicle

This administration is just incapable. Look at the way we are spending money like, somebody said, a “drunken sailor”. --Daily Independent (Nigeria)

He spends federal money like a drunken sailor with no regard to future generations who have to pay for his reckless fiscal policies that benefit big business ... --Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

"People have said I spend money like a drunken sailor," Lash told the RTC delegates. "That's wrong. I was never in the Navy. And I don't drink." --Greenwich Citizen-News

On the other hand, Bush is still spending like a drunken Demo - uh, sailor, and now wants to sell the farm, so to speak, with his relief spending... --Cheyboygan Daily Tribune

The Bush administration has spent money like a drunken sailor. --Ventura County Star

I'm open to suggestions for a replacement.

"Spends money like a Republican bazillionaire buying a second term as mayor of New York City"?

Nah, too wordy.


John said...

I know, people are throwing that cliche around like a champion dwarf-tosser. said...

I was recently in a store and overheard a drunken sailor say, "Here's $250 million. Give me a bridge in Alaska."

Bix said...


NYPinTA said...

Spend money like and identity thief?

John said...

There's "spend like a blue-haired grandma at a slot machine."

How about "spend like Tom Seizmore at a nudie bar?" I like that one. It's classy.

fakies said...

Around our office, we say "spend like a cheated-on housewife." said... the Bush administration.

But you might not be able to find anything you could compare to it. I mean, has anything--anything in the whole entire history of the world--spent as much money as the Bush administration?