Friday, June 16, 2006

RFID is for lovers

At the magazine today, I had to write a caption for a photo that goes with a story about how drug companies use RFID chips to track pharmaceuticals. The picture is of someone using an RFID scanner over a box of OxyContin, the frequently stolen pain med (you know, Rush Limbaugh's favorite).

So I wrote:
Tracking OxyContin doesn't have to be a pain

OK, it won't win me any awards, but it's serviceable.

Then the art department changed it to a picture of Viagra, and now I'm incapable of writing anything that doesn't sound smutty.
Tracking Viagra doesn't have to be hard

Get your hands off my Viagra!

Keep in touch with your Viagra

RFID gives you boners



punkinsmom said...

Go with the first one. The people who get it will not be offended and the ones likely to be offended won't get it.

Mark H said...

"Raising awareness of RFID chips."

NYPinTA said...

Your job is more fun then mine.

And I have no witty line to offer. Sorry.

Doug Hoffman said...

Bone up on your RFID knowledge.

RFID chips: one humdinger of an idea!

With RFID chip technology, shoplifters won't go off half-cocked.