Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Asked for It, Part XIV

Recent searches that stranded visitors on The Velvet Blog:

--we are living in hell
--dick cheney is eating cats
--my dogs smells
--activia makes you poop
--i hated my anniversary gift

Glad to be of service.

(PS: If you combine all of these, it sounds like a bad co-production of Lifetime and the Sci-Fi Channel.)


Jay Jordan said...

--activia makes you poop

yes, but for college chicks, it transforms you from a constipated, bloated, need to do something with that a certified hottie all within a 30 second spot...

a miracle cure i tell ya!

God Is My Codependent said...

The rabble seems to be embracing complete sentences a bit more than usual.

Jim Donahue said...

God: Heh. I hadn't noticed that. Of course, I've stopped including the many searches about Deborah Norville and her eyes and topless photos of Fannie Flagg.

Jay: Have you seen the ad for the drug for "restless leg syndrome"? One of the side effects is increased gambling and sexual addiction. Rally. (Clip on the Daily Show a few days ago)

Jim Donahue said...

Or, if you will, Really.

Jay Jordan said...

i have known a lot of sick people, but not one who had "restless leg syndrom"...

is it contageous?

punkinsmom said...

I would trade Restless Leg Syndrome in a spouse for increased sexual addiction. Is that an option? Can we choose our side effects?