Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Breakdown of abbreviations used in Michael Jackson's ad in tomorrow's real-estate section

Michael Jackson's famed Neverland Valley Ranch in California will be foreclosed and sold on March 19 unless the pop star pays a balance of nearly $25 million, property records showed on Tuesday. --Reuters

FSBO: 2,800-acre estate. Features EIK. LF. PZAPFWPPC. Owner's ON may be under SGLRC; you may keep it if found beneath cushions. MCTIWIF. EWLMBTT. Inexplicably, SMJL. Custom-made RJJR. EMS stored in HUHC. Shrine to ET. PTS.


FSBO = For sale by owner
EIK = Eat-in kitchen
LF = Llama farm
PZAPFWPPC = Private zoo and amusement park festooned with Peter Pan characters
ON = Original nose
SGLRC = Solid gold living room couch
MCTIWIF = Macauley Culkin trapped in walk-in freezer
EWLMBTT = Emmanuel "Webster" Lewis may be there, too
SMJL = So may Jerry Lewis.
RJJR = Refrigerated Jesus-juice rack
EMS = Elephant man skeleton
HUHC = Hardly used hyperbaric chamber
ET = Could be Extra-Terrestrial or Elizabeth Taylor; probably both
PTS = Priced to sell

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