Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looks like a case of SCS*

Decorating children's wards with paintings of clowns to create a nurturing atmosphere could backfire, research suggests.

A University of Sheffield study of more than 250 children, aged four to 16, found the images were widely disliked.

Even some of the oldest children found the images scary.

The researchers said the findings, reported in Nursing Standard magazine, highlighted the importance of consulting children in hospital design.

Researcher Dr Penny Curtis said: ... "We found that clowns are universally disliked by children. Some found them quite frightening and unknowable."

For the record, I have always been indifferent to clowns. Never loved them, never hated them. I kind of don't understand the common antipathy toward them. What's the big deal?

I mean, come on. Is this scary? Hm. Bad example. What about this? Well, yeah. I have to admit. That's kind of scary.

How's this? Or this? Or maybe this? Or that?

Hmm. Maybe clowns are scary.

*Scary Clown Syndrome


Mark H said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I hate clowns. And roller coasters. And ferris wheels.

Qaro said...

But Pennywise was sweet, don't you think? Right?

Jim Donahue said...

Oh, he belongs under every kid's bed.

TwoBusy said...

Reminds me of my favorite Jack Handey slice'o'wisdom:

I've always been scared of clowns. It probably goes back to then time when I went to the circus, and a clown killed my dad.