Friday, February 15, 2008

Has anyone seen my glasses?

Really, I had them a little while ago, and I can't find them ANYWHERE and ...

Oh, God. It's official. I've turned into my parents.

Pretty soon I'll have no idea how to program the VCR. And you damn kids better get off my lawn!


MsYvone said...

Now, what was I going to say?

Ooh, my knees hurt.

Why do they have to use such a small type face on this menu, and can't they turn the lights up a bit, I can't READ this. Where's my lighted magnifying glass?

What was I just doing? Where are my keys?

Dave said...

I realized I'd evolved into my father, whom I quietly snickered at as he groaned getting out of his recliner, the first time I groaned getting out of a chair.

I used to get another kick out of listening to my brothers discipline their kids using the same bromides my parents used on us.

fermicat said...

I came in here for something... hmmm... shoot! I wonder what it was.

Oh well.