Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An Associated Press news story ... from the future!

I find the tense of this AP story, posted online about half an hour ago, deeply odd:
Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton closed out her history-making 2008 quest for the White House Tuesday with a prime-time appearance at the Democratic National Convention, ... Clinton paid an advance visit to the convention hall in late morning with her daughter, Chelsea. While her appearance was the main event of the night, it was far from the role she envisioned more than a year ago ... --The Associated Press

I'm glad the reporter didn't go on to review the speech. Still, I'd have gone with "will close out" and "will be the main event" for online copy.

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fermicat said...

Talk about phoning it in...

This guy would be in hot water if Dave Barry's prediction had been accurate and she tried to "snatch the nomination and escape with it by helicopter to a secret mountain fortress."