Sunday, September 27, 2009

Also, I tried substituting Pearl Bailey for the pearl barley, but it really didn't work

Dunno about where you live, but here on the Island of Long, it feels like fall. And you know what that means: I want soup. (Well, maybe you didn't know that, but you do now.)

Here's an easy one with an incredible depth of flavor: Mark Bittmann's mushroom barley soup.

I swapped out the soy sauce for Worcestershire sauce, and used chicken stock instead of the water. But the real flavor comes from the dried porcini mushrooms. Yum. And even with prep time and cook time combined, you can be eating this about an hour.


TwoBusy said...

It was my assumption that you always wanted soup.

How could I have been so wrong about you?

*runs away weeping*

Dave said...

Kismet. I got to soup season last weekend with clam chowder. This weekend I did crab bisque which I had to fix today after making it to peppery last night.

I've been thinking between a late season tomato and mushroom for next weekend. I think I'll go tomato and try yours the week after.

Dave said...


fermicat said...

Did you and Dave get together and decide to do soup posts today? ;-) I left a good recipe on Dave's post. I won't repeat it since you can grab it there if you are interested. It is a replica recipe for a soup that I had at a northern California tavern that was memorable and tasty. And it turns out, rather easy to recreate! said...

Are you sure the mushrooms you used weren't psychedelic? I mean, Pearl Bailey?