Friday, December 17, 2010

The Velvet Blog's influence on the national discourse, 1985-2008

Yes, it's the fad that's sweeping the globe: using Google's Ngram Viewer to chart the use of words or phrases over time. The New York Times story is here, and the tool itself is here.

I decided to track four stock TVB phrases--give me that banana, wacky high jinks ensue, garnish with fluffernutter, and barry manilow puts a sock in his pants--to see how they've made inroads into popular culture. Let's take a look:


Hmmm. Not so much, then.

Well, I take minor solace in noting that The Velvet Blog is the #1 Google hit for "wacky high jinks ensue," but it has dropped to #2 for "barry manilow puts a sock in his pants," (though the #1 hit is me complaining that I'm not the #1 hit on another site). You know, I should probably get some new hobbies.


Knatolee said...

What, nothing? What the hell is wrong with people?

Knatolee said...

Barry Manilow puts a sock in his pants!

THere, maybe that will up the rating.

ChefNick said...

Have you tried substituting the cheesier "Hi jinx" instead of the correct "'high jinks?"

Try it. Nitey nite!