Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tastier Than Taste Itself!

As noted a couple of posts ago, my Twitter account has attracted a plague of zombies--followers who mostly post spam links. My latest follower (not you, Fermicat!) is a zombie with a twist: Most of her posts are phrased as come-ons for spam links, but without the actual link. Without their reason for being, the posts seem like a surrealist art project crossed with an inept Zen koan.

I thought I'd share a few so you can share in my bewilderment:

Tastier Than Taste Itself! Salmon Teriyaki
--I'll give this one props for the element of surprise. When I read the first four words, I truly wasn't expecting the final two. So, brava!

Guess What These Two Have In Common James Bond VS Vladimir Putin
--Who are two people who could most likely subdue a Siberian tiger with their bare hands? Who are two people who probably drink a tad more than they ought? Who are two people who have never been in my kitchen?

No Place For Parking? Amazing and truthful
--I'm hoping this involves jet packs. You don't need parking when you have a jet pack: That is both amazing and truthful.

The Funniest Doggy Hairstyle! Notice his style here!
--Oh, if I only could.

Give An Original Happy Birthday Wish! How not to be boring in your congratulations
--You could try talking the hind legs off a donkey. People would not expect that.

Talk the hind legs off a donkey.
--Hey, that was my idea!

A Place For Your Cat Always keep track of your kitty cat
--Note to self: Obtain funding for a GPS-for-cats service. It's a can't miss.


Dave said...

First, so that's where you've been Fermi? Twitter?

As to the zombie stuff, is your follower one of those trendsetter things? Throw stuff out there with the hope of creating interest in media people see latter?

Though I'm not sure that theory works for the donkey thing.

Knatolee said...

FOr a minute I was worried you were talking about me, but nope, I would never advocate pulling the hind legs off a donkey!

Jim Donahue said...

Dave--It's a real mystery to me. These posts don't make any sense w/ no links, so I don't see how they're even testing the waters.

Nat-- Never!

punkinsmom said...

If I was on the Twitter, I would totally retweet this.