Monday, May 23, 2011

Waiting for the end of the world

No, the subject line is not another reference to Harold Camping's whoopsie. My friend Sean and I went to see Elvis Costello in NYC at the Beacon Theatre last night, and that song, which turned up near the end of the set list, kind of sums of Mr. C's world view.

He puts on a great show--he's an affable host (the show had sort of a quasi-game show theme, as audience members--including Mike Myers!--came on stage to spin a giant wheel of song titles) and has boundless energy. Actually, he has more energy than I, as I must cop to ducking out during the last song. Hey, it was getting late (Elvis was on stage for around 2 hours, 40 minutes, and didn't take a break!) and I had a long way to drive. And I'm old (though not quite as old as Elvis).

I didn't take the video embedded above, by the way, but it was obviously shot very close to where we were sitting.

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