Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Just wondering

Why do some people use so many irrelevant hot links in their posts?


Anonymous said...

Cute. Very cute.

Peter said...

It can get rather annoying, no?

Jovianne said...

Bet that took you awhile to put together.
Long day???or just bored?

Jason said...

Unfortunately, I am not entirely sure what you are complaining about and if I am guilty of it. It would be nice if you gave an example, besides your contrived one.

I know I link a lot in my posts, but I don't think they are irrelevant. I try to link to pages with more information about the things I am talking about. Even if the information on that page may have nothing to do with what I am actually saying about these things. I would rather be a conduit to too much information, then leave my dedicated reader not enough.

If you care enough* to take a look at my blog and respond, and I am guilty of your complaint. I would like to know what exactly the problem is. I don't require you click on the link to read my posts, nor does the presence of the link make the page more difficult to read.

* that was not intended as a dig or insult, just an admission that there is no reason for you to read my blog

Anonymous said...


Jim Donahue said...

Jeez, Jason, it was joke. You know, taking something real and exaggerating it for comic effect? (Look around this blog--90% of it is meant to be humorous. Whether I succeed at that is another matter entirely.)

When I see a hot link on a Web page, I take it that the writer means, "This link will help you understand what I'm writing about." When there are umpteen links in a paragraph, it's overwhelming and distracting--like someone making up for the lack of original scholarship or thought by using 100 footnotes. Surely you've gotten lost in links and forgotten where you started?

This was not meant as a critique of your blog, which I have not seen.

Jason said...

I wasn't taking offense or complaining about your post. Well other then not providing a concrete example, but since your post was meant to be humor that is now understandable.

I commented because I was genuinely curious about what I mistook as a real complaint. I have recently started blogging (for a whole month now) and thought maybe I was ruining the experience for any potential visitors to my blog. I thought maybe I was going to learn something here by asking for more information.

So in a nutshell, for missing your joke, I apologize.

As for if your post was meant as a critique of my blog. I know it was not. Nobody visits my blog, so how can they critique it?