Friday, July 23, 2004

Spam quiz

Match the fake spam name with the sender's spam message.

1) Creamier H. Pyramid
2) Secondly H. Casseroles
3) Clinked U. Penologist
4) Southerlies R. Skills
5) Weirdly Q. Dudder
6) Friendship H. Wheeziest
7) Assigning Q. Isolationist

A) Ponzi scheme
B) Good old-fashioned recipes
C) Thoughts on reforming the U.S. penal system
D) Finding work in the South
E) Information on strange occurrences
F) Low prices on asthma inhalers
G) Thoughtful treatise on why we shouldn't get involved in other countries' politics
H) Hard-core #*#$-munching #*#$#@#s and huge #$#*(!s.

Scroll down for answers.

Answer to all: H

One point for each correct answer.

1-6: Loser!
7: Can you believe the size of that @#$*#?

1 comment:

Grammarian said...

You shouldn't talk that way about Secondly H. Casseroles. He used to be a big man in Nigeria. I'm helping him get his money out of the country and he's going to give me a big cut.