Thursday, July 29, 2004

Oh, sure--everyone said the same thing about Dick Cheney, and look how that turned out

"There was a time when Chris Heinz, recently named one of People magazine's most eligible bachelors, figured he had a lock on the role of campaign pretty boy. Then his stepfather, John Kerry, picked the boyishly handsome John Edwards as his running mate." --Seattle Post Intelligencer

"'I think he's wonderful,' said Gina Wickwar, an Edwards delegate from Logan. 'He's so telegenic. That's a nice way to say handsome.'" --Deseret News

"Just to get this out of the way, shall we simply stipulate that Edwards is handsome, buoyant, and cheerful?" --Christian Science Monitor

"John Edwards was handsome and chivalrous, planting a chaste kiss on her forehead after their first night out." --Kansas City Star

"Another rising star is John Edwards, Mr Kerry's running mate, who will speak on Wednesday night. He is handsome and more charismatic than Mr Kerry." --The Economist

"Can a candidate be too handsome to be taken seriously?" --Naples Daily News

"When the Easter Island long face of John Kerry was joined by the improbably handsome visage of John Edwards, Republicans were quick to liken the vice-presidential candidate to a model in a shampoo ad." --Irish Examiner

"He is a handsome hunk (voted the sexiest politician alive by People magazine)..." --Times of India

"Edwards, 51, has been described as "boyish" and "charming" and "handsome" and "youthful"..." --Sydney Morning Herald

"Edwards is anchorman-handsome." --San Jose Mercury News

"Edwards is young looking, handsome and attractive to young voters in general and to women voters in particular." --UPI

"Let's just face it--he's a dreamboat." --Jim D.


Peter said...

Anchorman-handsome??? Okay. . .

I'll admit it - he's won me over. I really do admire people who didn't have much to start out with, yet turn their lives into success stories. I also admire him for getting through a hardship - the death of his first child. Oh yeah - it's also great that he isn't a foul-mouthed arrogant jack-ass like Dick Cheney. (F--- you too, Dick.)

Jim Donahue said...

I was a wee bit let down by his speech, to be honest. But Kerry was GREAT last night.